How and Why is Google Analytics Installed on my Website?

All websites that Antenna builds will have Google Analytics installed

We recommend all sites have Google Analytics installed to gather important information about user engagement on the site, track conversions and develop digital strategies rooted in data informed decisions. 

What is its purpose

To understand how effective the website is performing with visitors

Examples of data Google Analytics tracks:

  • Number of visitors the site gets
  • Where visitors are coming from 
  • How visitors navigate through the site
  • How long visitors spend on each page
  • Data related to GA Goals
What to look at on your analytics
  • Results of goals/conversions
  • Site traffic - where visitors are coming from and where they’re going on the site.

    Why do you need my IP addresses

    IP addresses of client employees and Antenna employees are entered into Google Analytics so they are not counted for in the reporting.

    How is Google Analytics Installed?

    Antenna uses the following WordPress plugins to install Google Analytics:

    1. Google Site Kit
    2. Antenna Digital Google Analytics Plugin
      1. Custom, proprietary plugin that provides further customization, more accurate data, and a modification to the WordPress dashboard to display analytics information.

    PLEASE NOTE: Your website is automatically configured to turn off Google Analytics if you are logged into the WordPress admin. This is setup to better protect your data to filter out Antenna and your company's usage. If you want to double check that google analytics is installed on your website either (a) log out of the wordpress admin (b) view the website in incognito mode of your browser (c) view the website on a different browser/device.