What is a Cookie Consent Popup?

Also known as Privacy Policy Banners, these notifications inform users that your website uses cookies to collect/track data.

Do You Need One?

Ultimately, you should contact your legal council to be sure, however, here are often reasons companies may need a Cookie Consent Popup/Bar:

  1. It’s required by Law: Many countries have laws that may require this. In the US, it is the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA), Europe it is GDPR, Canada the PIPEDA, and Australia it is the Privacy Act of 1988. 
  2. Your internal security & compliance team may require it: Even if having a cookie consent bar may not explicitly be required by law in your case, your internal information security & compliance team may require it.
  3. It’s a general best practice: Even if not legally required to, disclosing what information you are tracking with cookies and giving the user the ability to be in control of this tracking can build trust with your audience and the perception of your brand.

Examples of Cookie Bars

Antenna’s Involvement

A cookie policy bar pop up implementation is typically included in Antenna’s website projects as a best practice. If you would like to add a cookie bar to your current website, please contact support.

For complete requirements for the cookie bar, please refer to the applicable governing law. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure the cookie bar meets their internal and external requirements.

How to Add a Cookie Bar to Your Website

Antenna can do this for you, please contact support.. There are several approaches to adding a cookie bar:

  1. Use Hubspot, have the ability to automatically add this to your website. If the Hubspot tracking code is already installed on your website, you can follow these instructions to turn on the Privacy Policy Banner
  2. Install a 3rd party Cookie bar tool, such as CookieBot
  3. Antenna can custom create a cookie popup bar

Where the banner should appear?

A notification of cookie use should appear in the form of a banner. This banner should also allow the user to accept or decline the use of cookies on the devices. The cookie bar should have a link to the Privacy Policy page. These banners are typically placed on the top or the bottom of the page

To learn more about "The Cookie Law": https://www.cookielaw.org/the-cookie-law/