What are Website Retainers?

The most cost effective way to continuously update your website

The best performing websites constantly change, so it is important to have a plan for ongoing changes from the beginning. Committing to ongoing changes also has the benefit of reduced costs vs. one-off requests.

Website Retainer Setup

Website retainers are draw down retainers. All retainers are assigned to an account manager who will coordinate all your website needs.

The hours in a given website retainer is based on the Client's needs, with a minimum of 12 hours per month.

These hours can be used for

  • Any website design/development changes/updates to the website
  • Content Load/Content Changes supplied by Client
  • Future browser fixes outside of warranty
  • Marketing consultations

Unused hours will rollover up to 10x the original amount (i.e. 12 hours/month plan can accrue an unused hours balance of up to 120 hours). Unused hours will expire after more than 3 years of inactive use of hours.

Changing/Cancelling Website Retainers

Website Retainers can be changed or cancelled at any time with 5 business days notice before the next billing cycle. More details on changing/cancelling website retainers.